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Moviestar is an interactive installation that moulds old and new media together in order to create a reallife moving filmset.Classic film, animation, robotics, sound and motiontracking are utilised to simulate a moviescene where visitors play the mainrole. They will find themselves on a filmset surrounded by cameras, lights and a greenscreen studio, projected into a world that consists of monsters, UFO´s and other slightly surreal events that are controlled by the visitors movements in front of the camera.

The installation forms a tribute to the young history of Special Effects, that since the existince of film has experienced a fastmoving evolution. Special effect technologies opened up oppertunities explored by filmmakers in order to produce imaginative movies by putting together diffrent filmed scenes; blending real actor recordings with stopmotion animations and prerecorded material. Filmmakers were able to create characters and filmsets using clay, wood and gardenutilities for their imaginative movieplots. Allthough films using these technologies looked far from realistic, they graduately gained acceptance from the public, and changed the way we looked at film forever.




The team behind Moviestar is in Bergen, and will give a presentation at BEK on Friday the 18th of October

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work in progress

See our work in progress: Creating dinosaurs, moving worms, animated bikini ladies & moving skies

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